Hi there.

Welcome to Awkward & Unhinged, the podcast where the dynamic duo of dubious decisions, Bob and Liz, serve up a delectable feast of awkwardness and unhinged madness for your amusement.

Picture this: two best friends sitting in a dimly lit room, sipping lukewarm tea while discussing their questionable life choices. Join us as we painstakingly recount every awkward encounter and unhinged moment experienced since the last time we talked.

It’s like eavesdropping on the most entertaining therapy session ever, but with way more F-bombs and way less emotional growth.

Meet your hosts

Liz is on the left, and Bob is on the right. Obviously.

Liz, or Elizabeth for short, can usually be found somehow juggling a career as a 911 operator while also working as an up-and-coming real estate agent.

Bob, or Robert, or Bobby, or.. you get the gist, works for 988 helping people through mental crises not unlike the ones he runs into when he needs to talk to strangers.

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